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Mare Australe Investments Inc. is a private investment firm headquartered in Panama City. Our mission is to generate sustainable returns for our investors by singling out profitable, long-term investment opportunities in the Republic of Panama and overseas.

About the Company

Mare Australe Investments was set-up as a response to the prevailing economic growth in the Republic of Panama. We specialize in the identification of profitable, long-term investments in the country itself as well as sustainable business opportunities overseas.


Our Investment Portfolio

Mare Australe Investments possesses a diversified portfolio of investments, across a number of different markets and industries. In general, the company invests in online ventures, stocks, real estate, start-ups, and internet domains (part of the domain portfolio is currently for sale).


Submit a Proposal

At Mare Australe Investments we are always looking for new investment opportunities. If you think your project meets our investment criteria, you are welcome to submit a business plan, executive summary or presentation for our review.