Investment Proposal

Submit Your Investment Proposal

Please give us a little information about yourself and send a business plan, executive summary or presentation in PDF format to

We recommend that you keep everything concise and to the point while addressing our key investment criteria. In order to qualify for an investment by Mare Australe Investments, your project must:

  • originate in the private sector (preferably small or medium-size enterprises)
  • show financial viability and profitability
  • demonstrate growth potential
  • show strong potential to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in terms of brands, products, services or unique customer relationships

If you think your investment opportunity meets the above investment criteria for Mare Australe Investments, you are welcome to submit your proposal for our review.

We always aim to give you a fast and qualified response. We will let our experienced team review your proposal – while ensuring discretion and professionalism at every stage.

We review a large number of businesses and as a policy Mare Australe Investments does not enter into NDA’s. Therefore, we request that any material submitted does not contain proprietary nor highly confidential information.